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Friday, May 7, 2004


Shorts from the Selectmen, April 27

Tennis anyone? Carlisle tennis players have cause for celebration as the Board of Selectmen hosted a public hearing on proposed new tennis courts at the Banta-Davis Field on Bedford Road. Engineer Joe March of Stamski and McNary attended the April 27 meeting to describe the courts. "The four tennis courts will be located immediately after the cemetery on the right as you proceed up the access road," said March. The four side-by-side unlighted asphalt courts will be oriented north-south and provided with 12 new parking spaces. An additional 12 parking spaces already exist near the tennis court area.

The close proximity of the courts (49 feet) to the cemetery raised the fear that an errant ball might land in the middle of a graveside burial ceremony. "We'll post a sign asking tennis players to respect any services at the cemetery," said Recreation Commission Chair Maureen Tarca. There will also be some trees planted along the boundary to further shield the two areas.

The public hearing will remain open for the Conservation Commission, Board of Health and Police Department to further review the project and then it will be put out for bid. Planning Board member Dan Holzman asked, "Who makes the winning selection?" Town Administrator Madonna McKenzie explained that the Selectmen approve the bond and contract after she and RecCom recommend the final contractor.

Pathway to (ice cream) paradise. It's no yellow brick road, but the new pathway to Kimball's will serve just fine for ice cream lovers, in the center of town. Folks driving through Carlisle in the past two weeks saw fluorescent ribbon markers along Bedford Road and the DPW digging a five-foot-wide trench to support the pathway. Pedestrian and Bike Safety Advisory Committee members Art Milliken and Jack Troast appeared before the Selectmen at their April 27 meeting to seek approval of the easements required for the pathway.

As we speak, the pathway construction has proceeded as far east as the Bedrosian home and will eventually continue past the Post Office to the home of Beverly Porter. At this point, it will cross Bedford Road and proceed on the other side of the road past Seawrights' daylily farm and Zezimas' home. The path then leads alongside a picturesque field and across a common driveway with frontage owned by Shohet, Knight, West, and Fields. Finally, accompanied by the sounds of assorted farm animals, the hungry hiker gets a first glimpse of the final destination shimmering on the horizon — Kimball's Ice Cream. At this point, who could possibly question the wisdom of spending $50,000 to support such a satisfying quest?

The Selectmen voted unanimously to approve the permanent nonexclusive pathway easements.... and let the journey begin.

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