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Friday, May 7, 2004

Charlene Hinton is a responsive, professional Town Clerk

To the Editor:

I am pleased to endorse Charlene Hinton for the position of Town Clerk. Whenever I have needed some information at the clerk's office, I have found Charlene to be extremely responsive, professional and helpful. While no one will ever be able to fill Sarah Andreassen's shoes in that role, Charlene has worked hard to establish an effective, customer-oriented department.

If Charlene is elected to this post, I am confident that she will draw upon her skills and experience to continue to improve the services that are offered by this important town position.

Jay Luby
Woodbine Road

A family writes to support Peggy Wang for Town Clerk

To the Editor:

We are writing to support Peggy Wang for Town Clerk. She has been our good friend since we moved to Carlisle seven years ago. Peggy's old-fashioned commitment to the community embodies what we love about living here. She is especially devoted to the town's children, elderly, and pets and the range of her activities is truly extraordinary. In her business and volunteer activities, Peggy is friendly, helpful and enthusiastic. She would make a wonderful Town Clerk.

Krista Kallio
Ted, Sam, Ben and Abby Heinrich
Laurelwood Drive

Sarcasm does not belong in news articles

To the Editor:

We were upset to find last week's article on the Warrant hearings take an inappropriately sarcastic tone.

The lead paragraph on this front-page story observed pointedly that "only one person" attended the hearings, and suggested that "presumably" the rest of the town has already read the Warrant articles, and that only "for the sake of tradition" would they be printed in the Mosquito. Such commentary, while possibly appropriate for an opinion piece or editorial, does not belong in the lead to a news article, even in a small-town newspaper.

The anonymous writer of this paragraph has missed the point. In these days, when commitments to our families and jobs often keep us from attending town hearings, the newspaper has become the de facto official source for learning about town business. It is the Warrant hearings which are, in fact, held only "for the sake of tradition."

It is disappointing to see such writing in the Mosquito, which for a small newspaper normally observes a high standard of professionalism. In the future we hope to see a return to form.

Tim Pierce and Ellen Seebacher
Heald Road

Thanks to all who helped create the community ice rink

To the Editor:

This letter is to thank the many people who made possible the community skating rink this winter. The rink has been an idea of the Recreation Commission's for several years and was finally realized due to the combined efforts of community minded individuals in Carlisle.

Mike Saylor arranged the donation of funds from the inactive Bill Koch Ski League and researched on the Internet for the Port-A-Rinx ice rink and the "Bambini" ice surfacer.

Peter Kimball offered his parking lot, lighting and hot water for the rink. He also allowed us some storage space in his barn and ice cream stand. Next time you are at Kimball's getting ice cream, please thank them!

Chris Tarr, the Carpenito Family and the Nock Family helped on the day of setup along with some RecCom members.

The Fire Department (David Flannery, Bob Trainor and J. J. Supple) made three trips with the water tanker to fill the rink just in time for the big freeze!

Dan Moseley (with the help from sons Eric and Greg) figured out the "Bambini" and groomed the ice all winter with their "just the right size" tractor.

Eagle Scout Johnny Stone and Carlisle Boy Scout Troop 135 built the eight benches for seating around the rink with reflectors to help keep drivers from accidentally driving over the rink in the parking lot.

Andy Stone and Wes Cullinane spent a sunny day draining, cleaning and dismantling the rink, putting most of it in storage and moving the benches to the Banta-Davis playing fields.

Gary Davis and his DPW workers, Brendon, Gerald, and Jim, moved the rink to storage with a front-end loader and plowed and swept the parking lot.

The Police Department kept an eye on things and reported varying arrangements of traffic cones on the ice but no problems.

And finally, thank you to everyone who shoveled snow off the ice without even being asked! The two shovels survived the winter and many, many skaters enjoyed the rink!

Maureen Tarca, Chair
Carlisle Recreation Commission

CSA technology grants aid classroom instruction

To the Editor:

For all of you parents who in September become members of the Carlisle School Association by paying a membership fee and signing up to volunteer for the various CSA fund raisers and programs, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your tremendous support of our school. As most of you know, your membership fees go directly to support the school's Cultural Enrichment Program and the grants requested by the teachers each year. Without your financial and volunteer support, these programs would simply not be funded, to the detriment of our children. On behalf of the CSA Board, please accept my deep appreciation for your ongoing generosity and support.

The CSA Grants Committee is comprised of CSA Board members, Davida Fox-Melanson, and teacher representatives who together review all the grant requests and decide which ones are most worthy of being funded. As a direct result of your generosity, the CSA Board was able to approve $20,300 in teacher grants this year. Thank you!

Included in the $20,300, were Grade 3 Social Studies texts, resources for social language groups, science videos, Unifix cubes for the fourth grade and several larger grants. One of those grants was a request from the eighth grade teachers for computer interface devices and probes which enable students to carry out experiments and gather quantitative data in math and science. Another approved request was an LX Probescope Kit used by the teachers to share the experience of observing small objects with the whole class or small groups thereby enhancing the learning of the individual student. Lastly, the CSA was able to fund the purchase of six InFocus XI projectors which are used in conjunction with the classroom computers and are used to help the visual learner stay focused and engaged in the classroom discussion.

We, as parents, are fortunate to have incredibly dedicated and talented teachers, a collaborative and highly competent school administration and the support of the School Committee, all of which makes our school so unique and special. The school is also very fortunate in having such generous and caring parents eager to assist in all ways possible to enhance the education of our children. Thank you again.

Dale Ryder, CSA President
Lowell Road

Carlisle Civic Support Network

To the Editor:

Carlisle relies on volunteers to sit on all our committees and boards that cover the civic needs of the town. We ask these volunteers to give time and energy to run our town. When a complex issue such as the recent land purchase is debated the number of committee meetings increases dramatically.

The town needs experienced and dedicated individuals on these civic committees, but as life becomes more complicated and the demands of these committees increase, how do we ensure that these officers to continue with the committees and not suffer "burn out" prematurely? Is there something we can do to encourage other citizens to stand for office? Could we include more residents from the community in civic life even if they are not able to commit to weekly evening meetings? Would the creation of a community support network to make the life of these committee members easier, and make our government work more efficiently? Perhaps it would translate into a network of free babysitters to make attending meetings easier or maybe a pool of volunteers could assist with research needed on various issues or projects.

A daytime and evening forum has been organized by Elissa Abruzzo, Carolyn Kiely and Debbie Bentley to discuss the creation of a civic support network offering assistance to the exiting and future town committee members and to encourage citizens to offer their time, energy and talents to our town. Several current and former town committee members will discuss their experiences and share their thoughts on what the larger community might do with the town government, at both events. Everyone interested in exploring this topic is welcome to attend on either Wednesday, May 19 at 7 p.m. or Thursday, May 20 at 10 a.m. Both forums will be held in the Hollis Room at the Gleason Public Library.

For further information please email Elissa Abruzzo, or call Debbie Bentley 1-978-287-4783.

Elissa Abruzzo
River Road
Debbie Bentley
Heald Road

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