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Friday, May 7, 2004

The rotting ell structure between the main house and the barn is pulled down, while senior producer and director David Vos and a cameraman capture the action from a crane. (Photo by Ellen Huber)
Aye to everything
Override for CCHS matches Concord level PATRIOT Act resolution passes after long debate

The difference in attendance and passion was striking. On March 23, a record 700 citizens checked in to participate in a Special Town Meeting which dealt with a single issue, the purchase of a 45-acre parcel of land on South Street. On Monday, May 3, only 246 people attended the centerpiece of town government, the Annual Town Meeting, which establishes the ...more

Curious about how to renovate an older property? Just pay a visit to 730 Concord Street. That's where you'll find a 1849 Greek revival-style farmstead under renovation by master craftsmen from the This Old House crew. ...more

As you wade through the greeting card images of motherhood that appear in a deluge around this time every year, take a moment to imagine what the life of a Carlisle mother might have been like 100 years ago. This was primarily an agrarian town at the start of the twentieth century, and a typical day for a farm wife probably included milking cows, feeding ...more

Carlisle letter carriers will be collecting non-perishable food items on Saturday, May 8, for distribution to food banks within the community. ...more

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