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Friday, April 30, 2004

Peter Yarrow to sing at CCHS

To the Editor:

I am writing to invite everyone to attend a very special event. On Wednesday, May 5, at 7 p.m., Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul, & Mary fame will perform at Concord-Carlisle High School auditorium in a concert that is free for children (accompanied by an adult) and $5 for adults.

Yarrow's passion these days is to foster self-respect and character education in the school classroom. His non-profit Operation Respect offers educational resources to focus on the social and emotional growth of children as well as on academics. His message is important for all of us; his commitment to fostering healthy relationships for children and adults is our work as well. Yarrow's musical message is inspirational and designed to convey the importance of respect for all, and especially for the children.

Please join us — we encourage families, adults and teens to come to Concord to listen to Peter Yarrow's beautiful music and poignant conversation on May 5. Tickets must be reserved in advance by calling Concord Carlisle Community Education at 1-978-318-1540. Payment is by credit card or by check (made out to Network for Women's Lives) mailed to Community Education Office, 120 Meriam Road, Concord, MA 01742.

Ed LeClair
Men Against Domestic Abuse and Control
Baldwin Road

Insidious methods

To the Editor:

Abused women are not always battered. Many times their self respect and independence are taken from them in much more insidious ways. One of these methods is to solicit God's support! Everyone, I think, has heard the saying that the family that prays together stays together. This saying is used by some as a means of accomplishing control of the wife and children. A family prayer that I heard went something like this. "Dear God, please help my wife learn the error of her ways. Help her to recognize that her harmful actions are the result of her family's intrusion into our lives and the way they raised her to think. May these intrusions and thinking not be allowed to further contaminate my wife's teaching of our children so that they will stop lying and recognize my rightful, God-given control." Once the woman becomes a regular participant in such a family prayer it is only a matter of time before she becomes subject to further demeaning abuses!

I would like to propose a daily alternative family prayer such as "Let us this day consciously make choices that do not harm our loved ones as well as all others." Your views are welcomed. I invite you to write MADAC c/o Tom Dunkers P.O. Box 179, Carlisle.

Thomas Dunkers
Men Against Domestic Abuse and Control
East Street

Scenic roads bylaw update proposed

To the Editor:

The state law on scenic roads (Chapter 40, Section 15C) establishes general procedures for the designation and maintenance of scenic roads. The statute names the Planning Board as the town board to hear and give consent to requests to remove trees or stone walls within the right of way. Carlisle's current Scenic Roads bylaw merely lists the 20 roads so designated.

The Planning Board is proposing an amendment to this bylaw for two reasons: First, by including the state statute as part of the Town's General Bylaws, we believe there will be greater awareness of the statute and less confusion about its applicability. It is our hope that this will greatly reduce the likelihood of after-the-fact hearings over inadvertent removal of stone walls and/or trees. One of the board's recent Scenic Roads hearings came about due to a lack of awareness of the state statute both by another town board and a citizen getting approval for a new septic system.

Secondly, the bylaw will allow the Planning Board to establish rules and regulations with clear definitions and simple procedures to be followed for the public hearings required by state law. The Planning Board currently holds Scenic Roads hearings (usually joint hearings with the tree warden who is acting under the Public Shade Tree act that applies to all trees in the right of way of all public ways in town); in fact, we've held two in the past six months, and a third is scheduled for early May. The amended bylaw will codify the process to ensure that all applicants are treated equitably by future boards.

We would like to reassure Carlisle's citizens that nothing in the proposed amendment expands the power of town government or impinges on existing rights. To reaffirm this, the board is not proposing any fines for violation of the state law, even though the statute specifically authorizes a town to impose fines of up to $300 for such violations.

The Planning Board urges your support of the amendment at Town Meeting on May 3. Thank you.

David Freedman,
Member, Planning Board

Writer responds to article on the USA PATRIOT Act

To the Editor:

Having read Robert Roughsedge's article defending the USA PATRIOT Act, I am compelled to respond.

For one, Mr. Roughsedge was apparently misinformed about the intent of the Warrant Article. It does not call for the repeal of the entire Act, just "those portions that violate civil liberties as guaranteed by the Bill of Rights." Certain aspects of the law, such as those on money laundering or criminalizing the support of terrorists, are acceptable to us.

The article has many well considered and useful points. But I'm disappointed that Mr. Roughsedge felt the need at the end to descend into silliness. According to him, only a "bad person" would want to learn the three items he mentioned at the same time. Therefore, local librarians should be on the forefront of spying on Americans, regardless of how much trust we citizens would have for them. I would remind him that for every activity that looks suspicious, there is a possible innocent explanation, such as an author and pilot researching a story and wishing to avoid restricted airspace, and citizens need to recognize all possibilities.

Finally, I disagree with several of his points. He says that a Warrant will not be issued solely on someone's speech, but the guarantee of that is basically the good will of the intelligence agencies; the law specifically prohibits it, but the only people who are allowed to monitor the use of these warrants are also the agencies that request them. A judge is required to sign off on these warrants, but the wording of the law limits his discretion to accepting the word of the requestor.

As Mr. Roughsedge says, "Unfortunately, our history is full of far too many examples of our own citizens turning against us and spying." Our recent history also has shown us that government agencies have spied on its own citizens. It was because of this that certain restrictions were placed on the government in the 1970s, many of which were weakened by the USA PATRIOT Act. It is these kinds of provisions that we wish removed.

Rita Maistrellis
Virginia Farme Lane

Skatepark construction and grand opening

To the Editor:

Come join the fun and celebrate the grand opening of the Concord-Carlisle Skatepark on Saturday, May 1, 4 p.m. - 6 p.m. The new park is at CCHS by the student parking lot. Look for the crowd. There will be fun for people of all ages!

Beginning at 4 p.m. there will be the Wacky Skateboard and Rollerboard Parade; make your skateboard into a float, be artistic, put your pet or stuffed animal on top, dress up yourself, how about a lego object on top, historic motif, the crazier the better. At 4:30 p.m. the kids will be off to the races spoon and eggs on skateboards, obstacle courses, relay races, and more. There will be prizes and gift certificates for winners. And for all there will be BBQ, chips, snacks, lemonade, cookies and more.

The official ribbon-cutting ceremony will be at 5 p.m. Speeches to a minimum! For three days volunteers in the community and the youth from middle and high schools will have worked hard to complete the building of the equipment. There will be a half-pipe, ramps of varying degrees, grind rails, steps, benches, and more. The kids in our two towns had input into the design and we know they will be eager to skate and rollerblade.

If you are interested in volunteering, call Kansas at 1-978-371-2478, or just come over. Crews will be working Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 9 a.m. — 5 p.m. daily. Rain or shine.

Hope to see you there!

Barbara Howland
North Road

DPW thanked

To the Editor:

Great job on the current road sweeping — thank you, Gary Davis and the DPW crew. Having the full width available makes the roads safer for everyone.

John Bakewell
Bike/Pedestrian Safety Advisory Committee
Rutland Street

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