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Friday, April 23, 2004


Yes, two companies of British Redcoats were in town on the Towle Field early Sunday morning, April 18. They were here for the filming of the opening action of the 1775 Battle of Lexington and Concord at the beginning of the Revolutionary War. The Smithsonian Institution, which is planning a military exhibition of American wars up to Desert Storm, hired Boston ...more

On a rainy Wednesday morning the children in Carlisle School's Integrated Preschool are gathered in circle time. Preschool teachers Cindi Samuels and Michaela Hardimon are explaining the "project choices" to the sixteen children sitting crossed-legged around them. Two teacher aids and a parent volunteer are also arranged around the circle, each with ...more

While books, computers, magazines, and other media draw people to the library, it is the ambiance of the beautiful building and the helpful nature of the staff that keep people coming back. Here are brief profiles of the staff members at the Gleason Public Library. ...more

If it were not for "Lonelyville," I might never have met Debbie Bentley of Heald Road. But oddly enough, it is this very term that brought the two of us together recently to laugh and chat over lunch like old friends. Bentley is the mother of two who introduced the term "Lonelyville" to Carlisle residents in March of 2003 when the Carlisle ...more

Name: Spicebush or Lindera benzoin. Other common names include Benjamin bush, Benzoin bush, and "Forsythia of the wilds." The spicebush is named because of the spicy fragrance you get if you crush a few leaves or scrape the bark. You can also release the scent by breaking off a dead twig. ...more

Priscilla Hutt Williams shared her expertise on restoring colonial gardens with Carlisle residents on Monday, April 12. The horticultural export spoke to about 40 attendees of the lecture, funded jointly by the Carlisle Garden Club and Carlisle Historical Society. ...more

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