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Friday, April 23, 2004


CPAcom sets budget for FY05

Town Treasurer/Tax Collector Larry Barton attended the Community Preservation Act Committee (CPAcom) meeting on April 14 to make some recommendations for a workable financial structure so the town can vote on Article 17, "CPA Authorization," at the Town Meeting on May 3.

Member Phyllis Zinicola noted that, according to the statute, 10% of Carlisle's CPA fund must be placed in each of three reserve accounts, specifically designated for historical preservation, community housing, and conservation/recreation. In addition, $15,000 has been set aside for administrative expenses. "All we want to do is set the budget. The money is sitting there," said Zinicola.

Barton gave the committee a print-out of the estimated CPA FY05 budget. "The budget is only an estimate. The numbers may change but I am interested in living to the spirit of the statute," he said. Based on current FY04 revenues, Barton estimates that the FY05 budget will have resources from the CPA tax levy, the CPA state matching funds, investment interest, and fund transfers totalling $797,362. Based on these numbers, $105,015 should to be appropriated for each reserve account. Other line items in the CPAcom FY05 budget include debt service ($432,000), administrative expenses ($15,000) and an additional budget reserve account ($35,315).

Parcel A progress

CPAcom chair Caren Ponty reported that the town has completed the purchase of the 45-acre Benfield Parcel A off South Street at a cost of $1.985 million using funds from the Community Preservation Act, as voted at the Special Town Meeting on March 23. Ponty also mentioned that the Board of Selectmen hope to have the the Parcel A Planning Task Force, which will develop a plan for the 21-acre portion designated as multi-use, in place by the end of May.

CPAcom member Allen Deary reported that Metrowest, an environmental engineering company, has placed14 test pipes in a number of locations on Parcel A to determine soil percolation rates at high water.

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