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Friday, April 23, 2004

Old Home Day needs you (and your dollar)

To the Editor:

In the 32 years we've lived here, it has always been our true pleasure to participate in, and nurture as we could, Carlisle's local traditions and community warmth. So having volunteered to run Old Home Day again this year, I wrote a letter asking for help in support of this year's celebration. We asked only for a single dollar for each family member and we've received a dozen gratifying responses, some from apparently rather large families! It's a great beginning but we're not there yet. Please follow the leads of those who have given to help make this Old Home Day as great as it can be. With your help, we promise to make sure you get the most that your dollar can bring.

Dave Reed
2004 Old Home Day Committee
Page Brook Road

Thanks from DVVAP fundraisers

To the Editor:

The staff and board of the Domestic Violence Victim Assistance Program (DVVAP) would like to thank everyone for attending our benefit dinner at O'Naturals in Acton on Tuesday, April 6. We raised much-needed funds for our work to help victims of domestic violence in Carlisle and the surrounding towns. We also raised awareness around issues of violence and control in relationships - awareness that continues through our over-the-road banner currently displayed in Acton Center.

The event drew nearly 200 people and featured inspiring speeches by Senator Pam Resor, Representatives Jamie Eldridge and Cory Atkins, and many Carlisle residents. We extend our thanks to all who attended.

DVVAP works to end domestic abuse and control in our communities. If any Carlisle residents would like to enroll in our June volunteer training, please call Ben at 1-978-318-3441. Deadline to sign up for the training is May 15. The training will take place at the Concord Police Department.

Once again, thanks for supporting DVVAP. Particular thanks go to Brian Bienvenue, Jody Kick, and the staff at O'Naturals for their hospitality.

Ben Atherton-Zeman
Outreach and Training Consultant
DVVAP, Concord

Emerson College Students film in Carlisle

To the Editor:

Two films were produced, written and directed with the participation of the film crew and fellow BFA students at Emerson College with much preparation over the last two months. Filmed in Carlisle the first week in April at the Faucher Barn ("How It All Works"), and in Concord the last week of March at the Strop & Blade Barber Shop ("Brainstorm"), the films took a lot of work, time and effort on everyone's part, but without the help of the local community, this project would not have been a success. Of course, there is much work to be done back at Emerson to complete these projects.

I would personally like to take this opportunity to thank the following people and businesses for their support and contributions of "meals and gift certificates," with much appreciation from all the "always hungry" Emerson College crew who took part in this undertaking.

Thanks to the Faucher family of Carlisle, Liz Jewel and family of Carlisle, Lady Di's Ltd. Catering of Carlisle, Carlisle Recreation, The Strop & Blade Barber Shop in Concord, Peter Lovis of the Concord Cheese Shop, New London Style Pizza, Sorrento's Pizzeria, Crosby's Marketplace, Bertucci's of Chelmsford, Stop & Shop in Bedford, Bruegger's Bagels in Bedford, the Bedford Country Store, Dunkin Donuts in Bedford, Domino's Pizza in Acton and, of course, to all my family and friends who helped in a moment's notice.

Adam Deyoe
River Road

2004 The Carlisle Mosquito