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Friday, April 16, 2004


Shorts from the ConsCom, April 8

· Hart Farm Road. The commission huddled with enterprising applicants who had drafted their own specifications for a modest construction project. Gisela and Gregory Bondick unveiled a plan for a pet enclosure and grading in an area that has failed to drain. "It is literally a lake right now and clearly will always be somewhat wet," said Mrs. Bondick. Chair Tricia Smith feared that the drainage specs might not succeed and initiated a ten-minute discussion of possible alternatives. Grateful for the help, the Bondicks thanked the Commission and added, "You have been more helpful than any of the other boards Thank you very much." They departed to revise their specifications.

· Bingham Road. Stamski and McNary engineer George Dimakarakis represented applicant Peter Kimball as he discussed specifications for replacement of a leaking septic tank and distribution box. The Board of Health had approved the location in spite of its being inside the 100-foot wetland buffer zone. The commission agreed that there was no better alternative site and issued a standard order of conditions.

· Rockland Road. Applicant Christina Murphy received favorable action on a Request for Determination of Applicability when the commission declared a "negative finding." This confusing term means that the applicant will not be required to submit the more detailed Notice of Intent in order to install her sewage disposal system.

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