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Friday, April 16, 2004


Shorts from the Carlisle School Committee, April 7

· Facility use report. Many organizations use the Carlisle School facility, reported Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds David Flannery, presenting the 2002-2003 Facility Use Report. Highest usage was by the Carlisle Girl and Boy Scouts, Carlisle Recreation Commission, Destination Imagination, Savoyard Opera Company, the seventh-grade play, and the Carlisle Congregational Church. Non-profit school-related groups are not charged a usage fee. Although the Recreation Commission is not charged a fee, they regularly make "in-kind" donations to the school, such as equipment for the gym.

Local non-profit organizations such as the Savoyard Opera Company were charged a usage fee depending on frequency of use. Savoyards were charged $4,295, whereas the Carlisle Extended Day Program was charged $80. The fees collected are used for upkeep and improvements to the facility, Flannery explained. "How much wear and tear is there?" asked committee member Michael Fitzgerald. Most of the usage is in the Corey auditorium, answered Flannery. The 1987 facility needs some updating. Some things need to be replaced, such as lighting and curtains, added Flannery.

"It's truly a community center," said committee member Suzanne Whitney-Smith. "It's the only one in town," said committee member Paul Morrison. "It's certainly a reasonable, nominal cost," added Whitney-Smith.

· 2003-2004 school calendar. The proposed Carlisle School calendar evoked an extended discussion. Labor Day comes late this year, and the proposed school calendar had school starting on September 1, with September 3 and 6 as vacation days. School cannot begin before September, according to the Carlisle School teacher contract, explained Carlisle School Principal Andy Goyer. There was concern that having school start too late would push the last day of school well into the end of June, especially if there are snow days.

Carlisle parent Suzy Weaver said that starting school before Labor Day would affect her family, who have already made travel plans for Labor Day weekend. Carlisle fourth-grade teacher Deb O'Halloran said she thought it would not be detrimental to have school for two days followed by a four-day weekend. David Dockterman suggested matching the schedule with Concord's starting day, but no one on the committee or in the audience knew Concord's starting date. After a flurry of cell phone calls, it was determined that Concord schools begin on September 7. A favorable vote was taken to start school on September 7. The remainder of the school calendar will be worked out, as some rescheduling of professional days may be needed.

· Carlisle School budget mailer. Carlisle School Business Manager Steven Moore presented the budget mailer, a one-page explanation of the proposed Carlisle School budget. A budget mailer is mailed each spring to Carlisle residents to give school budget summary information before the Annual Town Meeting. More details on the school budget can be found at

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