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Friday, April 16, 2004


Do you have a current dump sticker?

Last Saturday, 212 of Carlisle's upstanding residents met with a rude surprise at the gates of the transfer station when a police officer informed them they would not be allowed in without a current green dump sticker. They had to go back to the police station on Lowell Street and get the $15 sticker; there was no way they could dump their trash without it. No fines were assessed.

Announcements of the April 1 deadline for the annual dump sticker appeared in the Mosquito before the end of the year and earlier this spring. A warning that stickers would be checked was in the April 9 Mosquito, so the presence of a police officer in front of the transfer station gates should have come as no surprise. Yet nearly half of the approximately 500 stickers checked at the dump were not current. The stickers are required by the town and can be obtained at any time at the police station on Lowell Street if a resident presents the $15 fee and a car registration. The transfer station is administered by the DPW.

Excuses plain and fancy

Carlisle Police Lieutenant John Sullivan, who got the assignment, said, "It was a good day, thank God," but added that he got more grief from residents that day than in all of the altercations in his 19 years as a Carlisle Police officer. He heard a variety of excuses, including 12 men who blamed their wives for not having a sticker and eight women who blamed their husbands for not having a sticker. A number of people claimed it was on the other vehicle, and a sizeable group said, "I've got it here somewhere," and held up traffic while they searched (unsuccessfully) to find it. Several residents showed last year's sticker, saying, "Here it is." One woman claimed, "I'm an old lady and I don't have any money," but Sullivan was resolute and replied, "You're not going in without a sticker." Someone else asked, "Ought I to have one?"

Some cars saw a policeman at the gate and turned around so fast they turfed the grass along the roadway. Sullivan said one irate resident (who later bought a sticker and left a note of apology for Sullivan) said he was going in anyway. He was told he could do whatever he wanted, but if he went in, a cruiser would be called and he would be arrested.

The moral of this story: if you don't have a green sticker, get one now.

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