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Friday, April 16, 2004

JOURNEYING TO JAPAN. CCHS Concert Band members gather in the school cafeteria at 6 a.m. on Tuesday morning before departing for a ten-day trip to Japan. Pictured are some of the Carlisle students with band director Al Dentino. The 83 students (about half from Carlisle) and 11 chaperones are travelling to Sapporo and Nanae on Hokkaido where they will perform in three concerts and enjoy a cultural exchange with Japanese students. (Photo by Carolynn Luby)
At the Special Town Caucus held Monday evening at 7 p.m. at the Town Hall, it took no more than five minutes for Debra Belanger of Palmer Way to be nominated to run for the recently vacated seat on the Board of Selectmen due to the death of Vivian Chaput. ...more

The heavy rains that caused the washout on North Road (front page photo last week) are also preventing DPW Superintendent Gary Davis from beginning the repair. In a telephone interview earlier this week, Davis said the area is still under water and the continuing rain is adding to the problem, so not even a preliminary assessment is possible until the water ...more

Last Saturday, 212 of Carlisle's upstanding residents met with a rude surprise at the gates of the transfer station when a police officer informed them they would not be allowed in without a current green dump sticker. They had to go back to the police station on Lowell Street and get the $15 sticker; there was no way they could dump their trash without it. ...more

Last week the Mosquito reported incorrectly that "Curves," a franchised women's fitness center, may be coming to 1 River Road. In fact, Carlisle resident Gail MacLeod has received a special permit from the Board of Appeals to operate "Shapes," a fitness center for women that will include ten exercise machines, alternating with ten running ...more

Patriots Day in Carlisle

Residents and friends are invited to join the Carlisle Minutemen for the annual Patriots Day celebration on Monday, April 19. After gathering on the Town Green at 6:30 a.m. the group will march to Concord via the Estabrook Road trail ­ the same route taken by the local militia in 1775. (You may wish to leave a car in Concord the night before.)

6:30 Gather on Carlisle Town Green.
6:45 Carlisle Minutemen sound the alarm.
6:50 Flag raising ceremony.
7:00 Begin march to Concord.
9:00 Arrive at Buttrick's Mansion.
9:30 Arrive at the Old North Bridge for battle re-enactment.

Revolutionary War re-enactment

by Seba Gaines

The Conservation Commission gave its okay for filming of a re-enactment of the opening action in the 1775 Battle of Lexington and Concord between British Redcoats and the local Minutemen. It will take place April 18 at Towle Field. Filming of the fray will be part of a Smithsonian Institution contract with Boston Productions, but will not be staged at the original site on Lexington Green because that locale is now considered "inappropriate." Since black powder will be fired from period muskets, abutters can expect to hear shots and drum rolls, but need not fear any actual ammunition.

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