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Friday, April 9, 2004


Map errors slow Maple Street 40B application

Carlisle Woods, the proposed 40B development before the Board of Appeals perhaps should be named Billerica Woods. Developer Walter Eriksen of the Massapoag Real Estate Development Corporation came before the board on April 1 and confirmed what many abutters and the Conservation Commission had previously claimed: the entrance of the access road to the 4.37 acres of land-locked property is actually in Billerica. In fact, stated Mr. Eriksen, "The Maple Street marker is 40 feet off, in the direction of Billerica. Our surveyor was in error."

"None of the town maps are correct, [neither] Carlisle nor Billerica. In fact, there are implications for other homeowners," Eriksen told the board.

Not only is the entrance to the land squarely in Billerica, but half of the paper road lies in Carlisle, the other half in Billerica. Although Eriksen claimed that he still has access to the land, he acknowledged that the process has become more complicated and he must now involve the Billerica Board of Appeals.

Eriksen asked that the board continue his application until he can determine his next step.

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