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Friday, April 9, 2004


Le Lyonnais Restaurant
416 Great Road, Route 2A Acton, Mass.
On Saturday night we revisited Le Lyonnais Restaurant in Acton. What a surprise! We haven't been there in some time, although we used to go there often many years ago before there were so many other local and not so local restaurants. Le Lyonnais has been in business since 1971 and we were probably there for the first time then. It is still owned by Gerard and Joan Labrosse. Gerard is the chef. Now, it has the same delightful atmosphere and a change of menu for both normal portions as well as lighter fare (and lower cost) on the bistro menu that suits us well.

The evening specials were varied and sounded quite good. For example, that night there were shrimp and frog legs sautéed with herbes de Provence at $23.95 and breast of duck with a sweet and sour berry sauce at $24.95.

We opted for the lighter fare. First, we shared a large salad Gerard, which consisted of mixed green lettuce, walnuts and fresh poached pears with a house raspberry vinaigrette dressing ($7.95). For the main course, I had the medallions of pork, with a sweet and sour raspberry coulis, for $13.95. I expected very little pieces of pork but it proved to be two center-cut pork chops, so I still ended up taking some home. The vegetables were obviously fresh and presented in a most lovely way. The zucchini was cut with a fluted edge and held a tiny tomato, the carrots tiny and peeled and a beautiful tiny potato. If all this sounds like too little, it really was not. Alex had salmon St. Jacques — poached salmon served in a caper and herb dressing, also with vegetables and a starch as side orders, for $13.95. We each had a glass of red Rhone house wine, which was quite respectable at $5/glass. The house wines are changed often to add variety to the wine list. For dessert we had la délice Antoinette ($7.95) consisting of fresh fruit on top of rum cake with whipped cream. This was really "gilding the lily," but we left in style along with our abundant take-home package.

Although we didn't order from the crêpe menu, they have a new café section at Le Lyonnais that features crêpes and omelettes. The prices here vary from $7.95 for la crêpe Lorraine — chicken breast, mushrooms, béchamel and Gruyere to $9.95 for la crêpe fruit de mer — shrimp and scallops, velouté.

Consider Le Lyonnais for dining out soon and I think you will be more than pleased! Also, make dinner reservations, so you can be sure of the dining room you prefer.

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