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Friday, April 2, 2004


DEP request delays school's wastewater plant permit

The Carlisle School Building Committee received a letter this week from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) which stated that the permit application for a new wastewater treatment system at the Carlisle Public School has a number of "technical deficiencies." The letter does not take issue with any of the components of the proposed system, but requests additional technical information.

After a preliminary review of the DEP communication, school officials and engineers believe that they will be able to respond to the DEP in the next week.

According to School Business Manager Steve Moore, the main concern is for a prompt review by the DEP. Technically, the agency is allowed 180 days to review the response. This could delay going out to bid and groundbreaking this summer. In the background is the concern that any further delays in the project, already delayed for six years, could affect the state's promise of a 60% reimbursement.

Moore summarized, "While the DEP's statement brings the possibility of extending the project timeline, there is nothing significant enough to cause a major delay of the project, provided that we are able to comply with the DEP's request for additional information and that DEP is willing to fast track our project once they get the responses.

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