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Friday, April 2, 2004


CSC gets science curriculum update

A science curriculum report was presented to the Carlisle School Committee (CSC) on March 17 by systems-thinking mentor Alan Ticotsky.

The state frameworks, said Ticotsky, provides guiding principles and skills of inquiry appropriate for each grade level. In grades pre-K to two, the children are taught to "ask questions about objects, organisms and events in the environment." They learn to make "predictions based on observed patterns." The students become comfortable with various pieces of equipment, such as recording devices and measuring tools. By the eighth grade, students are able to "present and explain data and findings using multiple representations, including tables, graphs, mathematical and physical models, and demonstrations."

CSC Chair David Dockterman commented, "The state framework is to our advantage. We offer a broad range of things and do a few things very well." Ticotsky said this year they were able to incorporate in the curriculum such current events as the Mars landing.

The program is driven by ten guiding principles, including:

• A comprehensive science and technology/engineering education program enrolls all students from pre-K through grade 12.

• An effective program in science and technology/engineering gives students opportunities to collaborate in scientific and technological endeavors and communicate their ideas.

• The program builds students' understanding of the fundamental concepts of each domain of science.

• Investigation, experimentation, and problem solving are central to science and technology/engineering education.

• Science and technology/engineering are integrally related to mathematics.

• The implementation of an effective science and technology/engineering program requires collaboration with experts, appropriate materials, support from parents and community, ongoing professional development, and quantitative and qualitative assessment.

"The science curriculum is strong. Not every school has someone to be a coordinator and Ticotsky should be credited with leadership," said Superintendent Davida Fox-Melanson.

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