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Friday, April 2, 2004


Shorts from the Planning Board, March 22

Release of Lots for Great Brook Estates. At the request of the property owner, the Planning Board voted to rescind its prior decision to release Lot E from the restrictive covenant for Great Brook Estates Definitive Subdivision, and instead agreed to release Lots 3 and 8.

• Accessory Apartment at 252 Brook Street. Property owners Vreg and Bonnie Yousefian requested the Planning Board give approval to their application for a special permit to add a one-bedroom accessory apartment to their property located at 252 Brook Street. Carlisle's zoning bylaws define an accessory apartment as "a distinct portion of a single-family dwelling, having its own kitchen and bathroom facilities, and subordinate in size to the principal part of the dwelling." The bylaws permit a property owner to apply for a special permit for the construction and occupancy of one accessory apartment for the purposes of increasing the availability of moderately priced housing for town employees, the young, the elderly, people of low and moderate income, and dependent relatives of town residents.

Architect Paul Minor presented a floor plan for the apartment, which showed a reduction in the current number of bedrooms by one, construction of a dormer in the back, and addition of a carport for use by the apartment. Since the property already has a gravel semi-circular driveway, which would lead to the apartment, an additional driveway on Brook Street would not be required.

Minor stated that the Board of Health had already given Title 5 approval to the septic system, and the building inspector approved the overall square footage of the building. The board approved the special permit for the accessory permit on condition that the owners return with an amended plan showing off-street parking for four vehicles (two spaces are required for each dwelling) and adequate space for vehicles to turn around within the driveway's space.

Landscape plan for 302 Lowell Street. At the request of Town Counsel, the Planning Board reviewed an amended comprehensive landscaping plan for 302 Lowell Street. In a prior meeting, the Board had assented to the removal of a stone wall along Lowell Street under the scenic roads bylaw, provided that the applicant return with a more detailed landscaping plan. While the current plan included numerous tree plantings, the board approved it on the condition that it have the right to review the location of a new wall.

Support for purchase of Parcel A. In a unanimous 6-0 vote, the Planning Board voted to support the motions to be voted at the Special Town Meeting on March 23.

Proposed amendments to the scenic roads bylaw. The Planning Board discussed its proposed amendments to the scenic roads bylaw, which included language which would eliminate the enforcement provisions and any penalties for violation, but clarify and codify the procedure for the Board's administration of both the Scenic Roads and Public Shade Tree Acts.

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