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Friday, April 2, 2004


ConsCom votes partial funding for Greenough

The Carlisle Conservation Commission has voted to use up to $15,000 from the Conservation Fund to help cover the cost of critical maintenance operations at the Greenough Land cottage off Maple Street. In a unanimous action March 25, the commission also agreed to proceed with a request for money from the town's general fund to pay the as-yet-unspecified balance of the future bill.

As reported last week, the proposed funding will provide seed money to arrest serious, on going deterioration of the building, and allow for issuance of a Request for Proposal (RFP) It is anticipated that the bid process will identify a qualified future tenant whose reduced rent and in-kind labor can preserve and upgrade the structure over the next five years. In the meantime the commission, with input from interested townspeople, will draft a realistic long-range plan for development of this potential community asset.

At present the Conservation Fund contains a little over $115,000. The original $100,000 was voted at the 2000 Town Meeting to provide for land appraisal and acquisition, as specified by state statute. Therefore, only the accrued interest, plus any unencumbered contributions, can be used for other conservation purposes. Commissioner John Lee emphasized that the commission's request for cash input from the General Fund is justified, because the state of disrepair at the cottage has become a matter of health and safety and speedy action is needed to protect a town investment.

Following months of subcommittee study, consultation with Town Counsel and full-commission deliberations, Chair Tricia Smith will present a final draft of the proposed RFP and updated cost estimates at the commission's April 8 meeting.

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