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Friday, March 26, 2004


Management guru Peter Senge has helped organizations in business and government around the world transform the ways in which they view themselves and the ways in which they operate. Senge has also devoted a great deal of time and thought to improving K-12 education and to helping schools, including Carlisle's, to become high-functioning learning organizations. ...more

by CCHS Junior Sean DeBruzzi ...more

CCHS girls winter sports

Girls swimming places fifth at States
The girls swim and diving team had a great season with more incoming freshmen adding depth to the team. The swim team had great leadership from their captains, and also had help from returning Carlisle juniors Annie Pauler and Laura Clark, sophomores Raina Patel, Sanne Wortel and Kim Rochette, and incoming freshmen Lisa DeBruzzi, Cori Armistead, Aubrey Doyle, ...more

Name: Anas platyrhynchos or the Mallard duck. ...more

A year ago at Christmas, my husband gave me a long-wished-for weather station. This little beauty has a small display which sits in the playroom and a mast that attaches to the unused chimney on our house. It was great, I could read wind direction, strength, record high gusts from the rooftop as well as rainfall amount, rate, temperature and barometric readings ...more

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