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Friday, March 26, 2004

Voters in a packed Corey auditorium had their say at Tuesday night's Special Town Meeting. (Photo by Rik Pierce)
The Special Town Meeting on Tuesday approved the motion to purchase the Benfield Parcel A, with only nine votes making the difference in achieving the required two-thirds majority. The motion carried 395 to 185. ...more

Management guru Peter Senge has helped organizations in business and government around the world transform the ways in which they view themselves and the ways in which they operate. Senge has also devoted a great deal of time and thought to improving K-12 education and to helping schools, including Carlisle's, to become high-functioning learning organizations. ...more

Mosquito Trash Party April 3

Weather and road conditions permitting, the annual Mosquito Trash Party is scheduled for Saturday, April 3 from 9 to noon. Get on the guest list by contacting Bob Orlando at 1-978-369-1690 or Let us know where you will be working, or stop by the parking lot next to Ferns that morning, have a coffee and donut, grab a trash bag (or two), choose from the list of "unclaimed" streets in need of cleaning, and set off on a hike that benefits us all.

High school students participating can earn community service credits and if you have a truck but are unable to attend that morning, we can use your help later in the day, transporting the "pickings" to the transfer station.

Clear your calendar, find the gloves and join us at the party!

Carlisle Police Lieutenant John Sullivan, who has something of a reputation in the Carlisle Police Department for successful stakeouts, recently solved what he calls "two from the desk." Agatha Christie's renowned Hercule Poirot himself would have been impressed by the way Sullivan used "his little gray cells" to track down the source of ...more

Concern about what is rapidly becoming an "untenable" situation at the little cottage on the town's Greenough Land led Carlisle Conservation Commission (ConsCom) chair Tricia Smith to convene a special March 18 meeting devoted to that problem alone. At the Commission's request, the Board of Selectmen are also including an Article in the Warrant for ...more

Mark your calendar

In order to fill the vacancy on the Board of Selectmen created by the recent death of Selectman Vivian Chaput, a Special Town Caucus has been called and the Town Election has been rescheduled. After some debate, the date for the Annual Town Meeting was not changed.
Special Town Caucus April 12
Annual Town Meeting May 3
Town Election May 25

Seventh Grade Play "Dear Edwina, Jr."
Friday and Saturday night
7:30 pm Corey Auditorium

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