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Friday, March 19, 2004


Forty-three registered voters signed in on Monday evening at 7 p.m. in the Clark Room of Town Hall for the town caucus to nominate candidates to run in the annual town election on Tuesday, May 11. To start the meeting ...more

Approximately fifteen residents of the South Street neighborhood surrounding Parcel A of the Benfield Property, including one in her nineties, braved a considerable snowstorm to attend the Selectmen's meeting on Tuesday. They once again expressed opposition to the plan championed by the Community Preservation Act Committee (CPAcom), to be voted on at a Special ...more

A decision is expected to be filed soon by the United States District Court, granting AT&T Wireless the right to construct a 189-foot cell tower on the Anderegg property at 871 Bedford Road. ...more

It may be impossible to fill the shoes left by the late Carlisle Selectman Vivian Chaput, but the board has begun the process to allow the election of a replacement. ...more

After the Mosquito was published last week, members of the CPA committee (CPACom) and Board of Selectmen have worked many hours to polish the draft motions with help from Town Counsel. The latest version of the full set of motions is included on page 5. Most changes were minor, and the revised motions are summarized below. ...more

The following is a draft version of the motions dated March 16. ...more

At its March 8 meeting, the Planning Board reviewed an informal plan for the addition of a front porch to Ferns Country Store. Under the town's bylaws, the store is required to submit to the Planning Board a site plan review because of this proposed alteration to a business structure. Store owner Larry Bearfield, in this initial stage of review, set forth ...more

The FinCom met on March 10 to review the list of budgetary items not covered under the town's levy limit guideline. The state's recent confirmation of $576K in free cash was higher than expected, primarily due to payments made to the town by landowners wishing to remove property from agricultural tax-protected status. The FinCom voted to transfer $225K in ...more

Dehumidifiers. Carlisle School Superintendent Davida Fox-Melanson said it appears the Carlisle School will be getting large industrial dehumidifiers. The humidifiers will be used in the summer to prevent the reccurrence of the mold problem experienced last summer. The school is looking into either buying a used truck or sharing truck usage with ...more

ConsCom supports pesticide awareness effort. The Carlisle Conservation Commission (ConsCom) enthusiastically endorsed the educational objectives of the Carlisle Pesticide Awareness Group (CPAG) at their regular meeting on March 11. Two members from that group, Chris Chin and Delaine Williamson talked about CPAG activities. CPAG and the Board ...more

7:30 P.M. Town Hall

7:30 Minutes , agenda items ...more

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