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Friday, March 19, 2004


A very important Town Meeting is coming up in just four days. Have you decided how you'll vote on Benfield Parcel A? If its complexities have you in a dither and you've recycled the last dozen Mosquitos, you can go to, where you're a click away from "Recent Articles Pertaining to Town Meeting" with links to some 20 recent ...more

All around you — as you drive to the library, stop at the post office, ride the bus to school there are the remnants of ancient peoples. Centuries before the first English footstep, there was a thriving culture here, a culture entirely unlike our own. ...more

"There is a low mist in the wood — it is a good day to study lichens." ...more

Last Thursday night Carlisle heard another fine concert of Baroque music, presented by the Cambridge Society for Early Music (CSEM), as part of its Chamber Music by Candlelight series. Members of the group Philomel Baroque, based in Philadelphia, came to Union Hall to treat the audience to a sparkling set of performances under the title, "Splendid Blend: ...more

Grade 9 ...more

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