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Friday, March 19, 2004


ConsCom shorts

ConsCom supports pesticide awareness effort. The Carlisle Conservation Commission (ConsCom) enthusiastically endorsed the educational objectives of the Carlisle Pesticide Awareness Group (CPAG) at their regular meeting on March 11. Two members from that group, Chris Chin and Delaine Williamson talked about CPAG activities. CPAG and the Board of Health are co-sponsoring two mailings about pesticides, herbicides and other potentially toxic landscaping products.

Greenough property status. Developing options for the structures on the Greenough Land remains a concern of ConsCom. Multiple problems attendant upon the repair and occupancy of the cottage are of sufficient consequence that a special ConsCom meeting was set for Thursday, March 8 with the Greenough cottage as the sole agenda item. ConsCom administrator Sylvia Willard has received two estimates for cottage repairs: the asbestos removal cost for the basement is estimated at $1,800. De-leading the cottage is estimated to cost $20,680. (It was erroneously stated in last week's Mosquito that the house was uninhabited.)

Public hearing. Lot 4 Oak Knoll Road. Only one regulatory action was taken by the commission - a continued hearing on a Notice of Intent (NOI) by Lemonias Development Company for construction on Lot 4, Oak Knoll Road. The project is located outside the wetland buffer zone, but the NOI was required when soil erosion reached into the buffer zone and an intermittant stream. Lemonias returned to the commision with drafted engineering plans for the project and the hearing was closed. The commission voted to approve the project, issuing detailed specifications for a retaining wall slope stabilization, and a standard order of conditions.

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