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Friday, March 19, 2004


Shorts from the Carlisle School Committee March 3

Dehumidifiers. Carlisle School Superintendent Davida Fox-Melanson said it appears the Carlisle School will be getting large industrial dehumidifiers. The humidifiers will be used in the summer to prevent the reccurrence of the mold problem experienced last summer. The school is looking into either buying a used truck or sharing truck usage with the DPW.

Budget deliberations continue. Carlisle School Business Manager Steve Moore reported on a conversation with members of the Finance Committee. FinCom member Lisa Jensen-Fellows believes there are funds to cover a portion of the requested budget amount over the "No Child Left Behind" budget level. The FinCom will recommend a $26,000 override for the remainder.

Contract negotiations underway. Committee chair David Dockterman reported on the contract negotiations with Superintendent-elect Marie Doyle. "We are in very solid shape." He has been speaking to her every night. "She is very excited to be a part of what she sees as an excellent school."

Peg Lynch thanked. The board publicly thanked Peg Lynch for her work during the superintendent interview process. Committee member Nicole Burkel remarked she relied on Lynch's excellent note-taking skills.

Homework policy. A new "Unified" Homework Policy was accepted. The policy lists the expectations for each grade level, including the length of time students will be expected to spend on homework each night. Carlisle resident Christy Barbee suggested the homework policy would be more flexible without the time recommendations. "It would also be fine to have a night with no homework."

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