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Friday, March 19, 2004


Summary of the motions for Town Meeting on March 23

After the Mosquito was published last week, members of the CPA committee (CPACom) and Board of Selectmen have worked many hours to polish the draft motions with help from Town Counsel. The latest version of the full set of motions is included on page 5. Most changes were minor, and the revised motions are summarized below.

Motion One

(A To see if the town will appropriate $2 million to buy 45 acres known as "Parcel A," located on South Street. (See map.)

(B) Funds collected under the Community Preservation Act (CPA) tax surcharge will be used to pay for the land.

(C) Twenty-six acres are to be preserved as open space. It can be used for passive recreation but not for the construction of playing fields.

(D) The rest of the land (19 acres) will be used for recreation and community housing compliant with state Chapter 40B requirements. There will be a public planning process before anything is built, and construction is limited to at most one playing field and 26 units of housing.

Motion Two

Defines the formation and goals of the planning task force and a "fallback plan."

(a) The Selectmen will appoint the committee, which will have representatives from the neighborhood, conservation, housing, planning and recreation. The goals of the plan will include: (i) creation of affordable housing, (ii) plan for a gradual construction schedule, (iii) use buffer zones to shield developed areas from view by neighbors,

(b) The fallback plan will be used to assign specific acreage to housing and recreation, and would be used only in the event that the town does not agree on a plan by June 30, 2005. The fallback plan is described by a roughly 5-acre Recreation Overlay District and a 14-acre Housing Overlay District, which are shown on the map. Even if the fallback plan were used, any construction of a playing field or housing would need further Town Meeting approval.

Motion Three

Specifies oversight, and who manages what.

(A) Permanent deed restrictions would help ensure that the land continues to be used for these intended purposes. The Selectmen will take title to the land initially. Once the housing plan is decided that portion will be conveyed to the Housing Authority.

(B) The Conservation Commission (ConsCom) will manage the designated Open Space. Once either a master plan or the fallback plan is activated, the Recreation Commission would manage the recreation area, and the Housing Authority would oversee the community housing.

(C) Authorizes the Selectmen to grant any necessary minor easements, such as for utility lines.

Motion Four

(A) Authorizes the town to apply for grants and loans to defray the acquisition costs, and to allow the Housing Authority to work with not-for-profit companies to build the housing.

(B) Authorizes the ConsCom to apply for state aid to help pay for the open space portion of Parcel A.

Motion Five

Appropriates $50,000 for the master planning expenses.

Motion Six

Recognizes the generosity of Ben Benfield and his family.

Motion Seven

Authorizes that $15,000 of CPA funds be used by the CPA committee for administrative expenses.

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