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Friday, March 19, 2004


Town caucus nominates 18

Forty-three registered voters signed in on Monday evening at 7 p.m. in the Clark Room of Town Hall for the town caucus to nominate candidates to run in the annual town election on Tuesday, May 11. To start the meeting off, long-time Caucus Moderator Howard Hensleigh was once again elected to run the meeting, while a new clerk of the caucus, Carol Ostrowski, was chosen to replace Judy Larsen, who had served in that capacity for the past 13 years.

Before taking nominations from the floor, Hensleigh announced that this was to be his last time serving as moderator, his "swan song." It should be noted, after checking the records with the Town Clerk, that Hensleigh has served as caucus moderator most of the years beginning in 1981.

Moving on, Hensleigh noted, "there are two women not here tonight that I wish to say good-bye to, Sarah Andreassen and Vivian Chaput. I dedicate this meeting to the future of Carlisle and its good government .... and to those two wonderful ladies who served their community so well." "Here in Carlisle, we have an absolute democracy where everyone can vote," added Hensleigh.

By 7:34 p.m., when Hensleigh brought the caucus to a close, 18 candidates had been nominated. Four offices would be contested: there were two candidates for Town Clerk, and five candidates for the three open three-year seats on the Planning Board. The caucus approved the rule that in case of death, withdrawal, or ineligibility of any of the candidates, a vacancy would be filled by the Board of Selectmen. Cindy Nock then announced there would be a League of Women Voters Candidate Forum in early April.

Upon adjournment of the meeting, the voters rose and gave Moderator Hensleigh a standing ovation.

You can still place your name on the ballot by filling out a Town Nomination Paper, available at the Town Clerk's office at Town Hall, and obtaining 20 signatures. Nomination papers must be filed with the Town Clerk by 5 p.m. on Monday, March 22.

You may also get elected by a write-in campaign at the Town Election.

Office Candidate Term, years Nominated by
Town Moderator Thomas J. Raftery * 1 Marilyn Harte
Town Clerk Charlene Hinton * 2 Greg Peterson
  Margaret (Peggy) Wang 2 Christine Debruzzi
Selectman Timothy F. Hult * 3 Brett Bero

James C. Marchant, Jr.* 3 Bruce Hendrickson
Board of Health
Martha V. Bedrosian * 3 Linda Fantasia
Housing Authority No candidate 5  
Library Trustee Priscilla S. Stevens 3 Mary Cheever
Planning Board Phyllis Zinicola * 1 Louise Hara
Planning Board
G. Kent Gonzales 1 David Freedman
Planning Board David A. Freedman * 2 Phyllis Zinicola
Planning Board Louise Hara * 2 David Freedman
(3 open seats for 3 year terms)
Planning Board 3
Peter P. Stuart 3 Louise Hara
  Raymond G. Bahr 3 Louise Hara
  Richard F. Boulé 3 Louise Hara
  Kenneth Bedrosian 3 Christy Barbee
  Raymond C. Kubacki 3 Jeff Kiel
School Comm.
Christy Barbee 3 Suzanne Whitney Smith
School Comm. Wendell G. Sykes 3 Suzanne Whitney Smith
* Incumbent      

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