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Friday, March 12, 2004


Selectman Vivian Chaput was killed and her husband, Dr. Ronald Chaput, injured and hospitalized last Saturday night when their car was broadsided by another vehicle in Hollywood, Florida, where the couple was vacationing at their condo. The accident occurred about 9:30 p.m. when the Chaputs' vehicle made a left turn and was slammed by a vehicle coming from ...more

It was early Monday afternoon when the town first learned of the death of Selectman Vivian Chaput in an automobile accident Saturday evening in Hollywood, Florida. Chaput and her husband Ron had taken time off for their annual March vacation at their waterfront condominium in Hollywood, just south of Fort Lauderdale. ...more

A single rose attempted to fill the gap at the Selectmen's table where Vivian Chaput habitually sat, as dozens of her friends, neighbors, and collegues filed into the Clark Room at Town Hall. The Selectmen had suspended their planned meeting on Tuesday to provide time for "talk, recollections, and sharing" as everyone tried to come to terms with ...more

As the Special Town Meeting on March 23 nears, Carlisle's citizens have asked a number of questions about the details of the proposed purchase of the 45-acre Parcel A, how the purchase will be financed, and what obligations this creates for future development. ...more

The motion under Article 1, CPA Authorization, to be moved at the Special Town Meeting on Tuesday, March 23, is the result of hours of debate and compromise by town boards on the purchase, use and development of the Benfield Parcel A. Briefly, the five-page motion asks if the town will vote to approve the following terms (See definitions and background information ...more

The annual town caucus, at which candidates are nominated to run for vacancies on elected town boards and committees, will be held on Monday, March 15 at 7:00 p.m. in the Clark Room at Town Hall. This year, sixteen positions will need to be filled. Any U.S. citizen who is a registered voter in Carlisle may be nominated as a candidate or may place a name in ...more

It was almost 11 p.m. on the night of February 26 when the Carlisle Conservation Commission (ConsCom) decided on a way to get unstuck from its Greenough tar-baby. Their solution was a pair of Warrant Articles to be presented at the May Town Meeting. ...more

The March 9 Conservation Commission Coffee, a monthly public meeting that conducts no business and has no agenda, was taken up by a discussion of the proposed town purchase and future development of the Benfield Parcel A off South Street. ...more

At a joint meeting of the Selectmen and Finance Committee (FinCom) on March 3, Selectmen Chair Tim Hult called for a review of the town budget for the next fiscal year (FY05), in preparation for the Annual Town Meeting on May 3. ...more

As reported in last week's article on upcoming board elections, the Planning Board is completing the process of reorganizing its terms from five to three years. It is a seven-member elected board. For the election this May, there will be two 1-year terms, two 2-year terms, and three 3-year terms on the ballot. Four of the current members will be running for ...more

No progress on Maple Street 40B. At the Board of Appeals meeting on March 3, the application for a comprehensive permit for a 40B development off Maple Street on the Billerica line, was continued without further action on the request of the developer. BOA Chair Terry Herndon informed the board that developer Walter Eriksen had told him that ...more

After several years of fundraising, organizers of the Concord-Carlisle community pool will officially break ground for the project next Tuesday. The Concord-Carlisle Community Swim and Health Center, to be built on the Concord-Carlisle High School campus, will be entirely funded through the donations of private individuals and businesses. The pool center will ...more

On March 3 before a packed room at Town Hall, the Board of Selectmen, Finance Committee (FinCom), and the Community Preservation Act Committee (CPAcom) met for a discussion of the Benfield property purchase in preparation for the Special Town Meeting on March 23. Hult recused himself from the Benfield discussion, since he is a member of the Carlisle Conservation ...more

The proposed $1,950,000 purchase of 45 acres of the Benfield Parcel A on South Street offers Carlisle a place to site affordable housing and a recreation field while keeping 26 acres open space. It seems an attractive opportunity to accomplish several town goals using funds collected through the Community Preservation Act (CPA) surcharge on taxes that has ...more

Regulatory matters. An amended notice of intent (NOI) was filed by William Hamilton of Maple Street with a few changes to previously approved plans for improvement to his home and was approved. ...more

State Representative Cory Atkins is pleased to announce the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) award of a special Library Planning grant in the amount of $2,300 to the Town of Carlisle.The Library Planning and Education grants are administered through DCR's Urban and Community Forestry Program.The DCR has received federal Farm Bill funds, which ...more

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