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Friday, March 12, 2004


Stephen Kirk has fished for the better part of the past five decades. Growing up in Baltimore, he joined his father in the fresh waters of the Potomac and the estuaries of Chesapeake Bay. So it was second nature to him to introduce the sport of fishing to his own three sons as they grew up in Carlisle. "It makes sense to me that my own kids like to fish," ...more

Name: Red-breasted Nuthatch or Sitta canadensis. The name nuthatch is derived from the old British name, nuthack, which refers to the way these birds wedge seeds and nuts into crevices in bark and hack at them with their beaks to break them open. ...more

(This is a follow-up to the October 3, 2003 Mosquito Feature article on the Mosquito Magnet.) ...more

While Sing Hanson has worked in graphic design almost all her professional life, she only now feels she can call herself "an artist." For 35 years she worked at the Boston Children's Museum as a graphic designer, exhibit designer, and finally as a program administrator. While she periodically took classes at the DeCordova Museum School, she had limited ...more

I have had the privilege and joy of coaching a girls Concord-Carlisle travel basketball team for the past two years. It is even more enjoyable because I coach with another woman from Carlisle. Previously, I have coached co-ed baseball, co-ed basketball and girls softball. Coaching a girls team is a unique experience and I mean that in a very positive way. ...more

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