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Friday, March 12, 2004


Shorts from the ConsCom, Feb. 27

Regulatory matters. An amended notice of intent (NOI) was filed by William Hamilton of Maple Street with a few changes to previously approved plans for improvement to his home and was approved.

The Lemonias Development Company filed a notice of intent for grading and removal of eroded soils from jurisdictional areas, and soil stabalization and drainage for the work that has occurred. Commissioner Smith requested mitigation and stabalization for accrued sedimentation now frozen in, as well as a structural engineer's plan for the run-off. A structural engineer's plan was requested if a retaining wall is necessary. Commissioner Brownrigg asked for grass adequate to stabalize a 2:1 slope. The hearing was continued until March 11 at 8:30 p.m.

Commissioners also discussed ConsCom's response to work that is not in compliance and on which the existing NOI has expired. Orders were filed but not recorded until after NOI expiration. Building inspector Bob Koning will not issue an occupancy permit until all boards are satisfied.

Other business

Robert Leonard, of Olde Colony Signs, spoke about replacement of the town forest sign. He plans to submit an estimate for the work and for other conservation land signs that need to be erected or replaced.

ConsCom wants to coordinate their conditions with the approved engineering plans for the school wastewater facility so the people doing the work will have one single set of directions.

A land use permit was issued to the Trails Committee for a walk around the Cranberry Bog. This is necessary when there are more than seven people in a group.

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