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Friday, March 5, 2004





Middlesex, ss.

To either of the Constables of the Town of Carlisle in the County of Middlesex:


IN THE NAME OF the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, you are hereby directed to notify and warn the inhabitants of said Town, qualified to vote in elections and town affairs, to meet at the Corey Building at 150 Church Street in said Carlisle on Tuesday, the twenty third of March next, at seven o'clock in the evening, and thereafter continuing from day to day until completed, then and there to act on the following articles:

ARTICLE 1 — CPA Authorization: To see what action the Town may vote with respect to any report or recommended action of the Community Preservation Committee pertaining to the acquisition of some or all of a parcel of land known as "Parcel A" on a plan entitled "Plan of Land for Parcel A in Carlisle, Mass (Middlesex County), prepared for South Street Nominee Trust," Scale 1 inch = 100 ft., prepared by Metrowest Engineering, Inc., endorsed by the Carlisle Planning Board as Approval Under Subdivision Control Law Not Required on September 29, 2003, and recorded at Middlesex North Registry of Deeds on October 27, 2003 in Plan Book 212, Plan 82 (the "Plan"), together with all rights in the abutting way known as South Street, for the purpose of open space, open space recreational, and community housing, and further to appropriate a sum of money for the purpose of such acquisition and to determine whether all or any portion of such amount shall be appropriated from the Community Preservation Fund, borrowed pursuant to the Community Preservation Act and/or any other applicable statute provided, including to authorize the Conservation Commission, or the Board of Selectmen as the case may be, on behalf of the Town, to make application to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts under Chapter 132A, Section 11, or any applicable statute for partial reimbursement to the Town of Carlisle, and/or to enter into an agreement with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and/or others to help share the cost of a portion of said acquisition and further to appropriate from the Community Preservation Fund a sum of money for planning and administrative expenses herewith or take any other action relative thereto. (BOARD OF SELECTMEN FOR COMMUNITY PRESERVATION COMMITTEE)

ARTICLE 2 - Department Revolving Funds: To see if the Town will vote to establish and authorize a Special Education Revolving Fund pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 44, Section 53E1/2 for the Fiscal Year 2004, beginning upon adoption of this vote utilizing a new revenue source of Circuit Breaker receipts from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts which revenue source was not used in the computation of the FY04 tax levy, or take any other action relative thereto. (BOARD OF SELECTMEN)

And you are directed to serve this warrant by posting a true and attested copy thereof at the Town Hall and at the Post Office in said Town of Carlisle at least fourteen days prior to the time of holding said meeting.

THEREOF FAIL NOT and make return of this warrant, with your doings thereon, to the Town Clerk, at the time and place of holding the meeting aforesaid.

Given under our hands this 3

2004 The Carlisle Mosquito