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Friday, March 5, 2004


Shorts from the Planning Board, February 9 and 23

Scenic stone wall yields to footpath. At the request of George Dimakarakos of the engineering firm Stamski and McNary, Inc., on February 9, the Planning Board considered the removal of 40 feet of stone wall adjacent to 302 Lowell Street, the site of a proposed multi-unit 40B housing development. Dimakarakos explained that the Board of Appeals requires construction of a footpath along Lowell Street in the space where the stone wall is currently located. The wall, however, is protected under Carlisle's scenic roads bylaw. The Board noted that although the wall is currently in a state of disrepair, the intent of the bylaw is to retain the scenic value of the wall, regardless of its functionality.

After reviewing a landscaping plan presented by Don Peterson of Earth Designs, the Board consented to the removal of the existing wall, on the condition that a new wall of a country fieldstone style will be rebuilt close by and in such a way as to maintain the scenic appearance. The Board reserved the right to review the final design and location of the wall once a more formalized landscaping plan is presented to the Zoning Board of Appeals.

Tennis courts at Banta-Davis. At the request of the Carlisle Recreation Commission (RecCom) on February 9, the Planning Board continued its informal review of the conceptual site plan for the addition of tennis courts and parking at the Banta-Davis Land off Bedford Road. Richard Harrington of Stamski and McNary, Inc. presented a revised plan that included drainage swales at the location of the tennis courts, widening of the pavement in the roadway in front of the tennis courts to accommodate head-on parking and a passing lane, and the addition of 12 gravel parking spaces, which included one handicapped parking space. Cindy Nock of RecCom stated that the commission is also working with DPW Superintendent Gary Davis to install proper screening from the cemetery.

The Board recommended that drainage calculations be performed on the tennis courts since the removal of trees and adding pavement could increase runoff, and also suggested that RecCom consider using previous pavement in the upper parking lot where more sandy soil may be located. The Board also suggested that the handicapped parking spot be paved. RecCom stated it would revise its site plan to accommodate the Board's suggestions, and then apply to the Board of Selectmen for Site Plan Review. The Planning Board will then have the opportunity to make further recommendations to the Board of Selectmen.

New subdivision off Cross Street. On February 23, Planning Administrator George Mansfield presented a revised Approval Not Required (ANR) plan for Cross Street, Map 7, Parcel 21, on behalf of applicant Regina Costello, trustee of the Carriage Estates Trust. The ANR plan creates a subdivision of three two-acre lots and one 15-acre lot with frontage along Cross Street. While residents of the Cross Street area appeared in the audience to voice their concern over the owner's potential development of the property, the board reiterated that with ANR plans its role is to give a "rubber stamp" endorsement to plans that do not require a new street to provide the proposed lots with the legal frontage. In reviewing the Cross Street plan, the board found that it contained all of the correct elements, including the Wetland/Flood Hazard District and cart paths, and it was accepted for filing.

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