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Friday, March 5, 2004


Big win for Kerry in town primary

With no contest on the Republican ballot, it was mainly the unenrolled and Democratic voters who made their way to the Carlisle Town Hall to cast ballots on Primary Day, Tuesday, March 2, 2004.

When the polls closed at 8 p.m., with 937 ballots cast, Massachusetts Democratic Senator John Kerry was the big winner of the day, with 518 votes for Democratic candidate for President. John Edwards came in a distant second with 164 votes and Howard Dean, who had already stepped out of the race, had 50. Then came Kucinich with 36 votes, Lieberman with 9, Clark and Sharpton with 6 each, and Moseley Braun with 1. Two voters had "No Preference."

On the Republican side, President George Bush garnered 120 votes, with 15 ballots marked "No Preference." There was one vote for Libertarian candidate Aaron Russo and on the Green-Rainbow side, one write-in vote for Ralph Nader, who is no longer a member of the party.

Broken down by party, the 2004 Primary Election numbers were as follows:





In the Democratic Party race for State Committeeman, Ronald M. Cordes beat Thomas Holden in a close race, 239 to 215. In the State Committeewoman race, Janet Beyer defeated Sarah Cannon Holden 389 to 101. W. Ziobro Jr. was a write-in candidate for State Committeeman on the Libertarian side and Daniel Melenechuk received 2 votes for State Committeeman on the Green-Rainbow ballot.

All candidates for Town Committees, on both the Democratic and Republican ballot were voted in. Write-ins with three or more votes were Democratics J. Stewart Roberts, Nancy Garden and Steve Pearlman.

Warden of the Election, Harriet Fortier, and Deputy Warden, Eva Herndon, reported a steady stream of voters at the polls throughout the day. With the temperatures outside reaching into the unseasonable sixties, several voters arrived in shorts and one voter cast a ballot dressed in running gear after her run into town from Robbins Drive. After casting their ballots, there was a flurry of voters making their way to a nearby table to fill out new "unenrollment" cards.

Voters may have noticed the bouquets of spring flowers donning the check-in and check-out tables at the polling station. They were supplied by the Town Clerk Charlene Hinton. Poll workers, when taking a break, could also enjoy her veggie snacks and Harriet Fortier's delicious chocolate chip cookies.

One last statistic may be of interest: as of March 1, 2004, of the registered voters in Carlisle there were 1940 unenrolled, 754 Democrat, 651 Republican, 10 Libertarian, 7 Green-Rainbow, 2 Socialist, and one member of the Timesizing Not Downsizing party.

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