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Friday, February 27, 2004


This winter has been one of the coldest on the books. The CEF/CSA Dinner/Dance, Carlisle Goes Calypso, on March 13 at the Middlesex School in Concord, promises to raise temperatures with Calypso music and raise funds through a live auction to benefit educational programs at the Carlisle Schools. "The theme was easy to come up with this year," ...more

My Golden Retriever was black with sticky mud the afternoon my granddaughter's husband, Paul, returned from one of the long walks he and the dogs always love. She was so dirty even the full-force hose was ineffective in removing the muck that clung to her coat. Serious washing in the laundry tub was the only answer. I took a guess as to where Paul had been ...more

The January 30 Mosquito published an article I wrote called, "Is the Rat Race Slowing Down?," which targeted stress in our lives and workplaces. A paragraph about the "balance in the workplace" program at New York advertising firm J. Walter Thompson caught the eyes of the Mosquito editors, and they asked me to explore it, to see if it might ...more

The picture is of the Valentines' barn on Acton Street. I wonder, has there ever been a Valentines party held there? ...more

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