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Friday, February 13, 2004


These days, catalogs, TV commercials and web sites alike all seem to be urging us to shop for Valentine's Day as if it's Christmas all over again. I have a better suggestion for honoring your special Valentine (or even your entire family of Valentines): forego the shopping, stay home and make a romantic dinner. I've chosen some of my favorite recipes for special ...more

First Course

Roasted Cod with Chive Oil over Parsnip and Potato Puree ...more

[Note: In our January 30 edition, Mosquito reporter Darlene D'Amour addressed the sometimes overwhelming smorgasbord of activities our children sample in their younger years. By high school, the good news is that most students have zeroed in on their favorite activities. The bad news is that many parents and children in Carlisle now face longer car rides ...more

It seems such a silly reason to be saddened, but the recent upheaval at The Concord Bookshop has left me feeling bereft. The board of directors that has owned the store for years suddenly decided that it no longer agreed with the direction in which the three store managers had been taking the bookshop in recent times. This "new" direction included ...more

Belknap House, a non-profit senior boarding house in Concord, has announced that it is suspending its senior residence facility options. As of February 29, Belknap House will no longer offer food and residential services. ...more

Are you still trying to identify that kid in the kitchen sink in the photo at the top of the Friends and Neighbors page in last week's Mosquito? If you haven't figured it out yet, let me tell you. It's Postal Worker Rick Moscatel of the Carlisle Post Office. The picture was taken in 1950 in the kitchen of his family's fourth-floor walk-up in East Cambridge. ...more

Name: Mitchella repens — common names are Partridgeberry, Running-box, Two-eyed berry and Squaw-vine. It is a member of the Madder family. The genus name was given by Linnaeus in recognition of Dr. John Mitchell who provided him with valuable information on American flora. The species name, repens, refers to the trailing, ...more

Of all the sections of the library collection, Junior High (JH) fiction may be the least understood. The titles found there are thematically more complex and written at a higher reading level than juvenile fiction, yet they are different from adult fiction. Many of the protagonists are exactly the age of the targeted reading audience: ten- to fourteen-year-olds ...more

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