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Friday, February 13, 2004


Belknap House in Concord suspends service

Belknap House, a non-profit senior boarding house in Concord, has announced that it is suspending its senior residence facility options. As of February 29, Belknap House will no longer offer food and residential services.

Belknap House has been a much-loved and supported senior residence facility in the town of Concord for more than 25 years. In recent years, the landscape for senior living facilities has been rapidly changing. Despite efforts to preserve the Belknap model of care, increased choices for senior living environments offered to elders, from recently-built facilities, existing expanding senior residences and increased in-home care services have decreased the demand for the Belknap model for services. The evolution of private and government funding sources has made it increasingly more difficult for small, independent senior living residences to compete on a stand alone basis. The Board of Directors for Concord Alternative Residences, Inc. (Belknap House) is in the process of planning for more effective ways to follow its mission and to continue to service elders in the community.

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