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Friday, February 6, 2004


Valleyhead Hospital. The name is vaguely familiar to longtime Carlisleans, yet its half-century history is sketchy and, most would say, shrouded in mystery. Before Valleyhead Hospital slips into obscurity, it deserves demystification in order to take its rightful place in Carlisle history. ...more

The Gleason Public Library, a charming and well-used fixture in the town and home to virtual and print resources on all subjects, is also where you can find friendly and helpful librarians. In this issue, the library begins to introduce its team. In their own words, here are the three library staff members who live in Carlisle. ...more

Are you tempted by the advertisements that promote the availability of so-called "deer feed" at the store? Don't be, wildlife biologists say: feeding wild white-tailed deer may harm the animal's ability to survive a New England winter. ...more

Name: Tinder polypore or Fomes fomentarius (fomes is Latin for tinder). It is also called Hoof fungus and in Europe it is known as "Amadou." ...more

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