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Friday, February 6, 2004


The Gleason Public Library, a charming and well-used fixture in the town and home to virtual and print resources on all subjects, is also where you can find friendly and helpful librarians. In this issue, the library begins to introduce its team. In their own words, here are the three library staff members who live in Carlisle.

Kay Edelberg: I have always loved libraries and worked in one at Skidmore College where I received a BA in English Literature. After graduation, I taught language arts for six years in the upper elementary grades, a background which has helped define my "niche" at the Gleason Library. In the 21 years that I've worked here, I've participated in 20 different summer programs and 19 years of storytimes. I particularly enjoy the reference aspect of my job as well as the daily contact with Carlisle patrons.

My husband Murray and I moved to Carlisle 30 years ago, and our daughter, Lise, grew up here. When not working at the library, I take care of Sophie and Ben, my one-and-a-half-year-old twin grandchildren who live in Brookline.

Jean Forman: I moved to Massachusetts in 1982 from Dallas, Texas, where I worked in a bookstore as a sales clerk and children's book buyer. I started working at the library in October 1986 after my elder daughter started college and my younger daughter was in high school. When I first started, the library was under the direction of Peggy Hilton and had only five other employees (now we have 14). Occasionally we would even work alone. Now we always have at least three people working, but sometimes four or five. I also remember the first time the circulation reached 100 items a day. Now we easily do 100 items an hour. When I first started we all did a little of everything — circulation, children's, periodicals, inter-library loans, cataloging and reference. Now we are more specialized and I concentrate on circulation with occasional stints in the children's room. I also try to keep track of the periodicals and newspapers. Purchasing the orders for the books and audio books, periodicals, videos, CDs and DVDs is another of my tasks.

Deena Scaperotta: I am a fairly recent addition to Carlisle and to the staff of the Gleason Library. I moved to Carlisle from Boston with my husband and two school-age children in 2001. The move felt right; we have enjoyed our adjustment to living in Carlisle. Before I had children, I worked in libraries for about ten years, including university, architecture, design and public libraries. When I saw a Gleason Library job listing in the Mosquito, I knew right away that I should apply for the position. I started working part-time this past summer in circulation and children's. I think the town is fortunate to have such a beautifully designed building and I am enjoying working again with the diverse collection of a public library.

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