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Friday, January 30, 2004


It all begins, says Dr. Peter Benson, with a shift in expectations. Instead of writing off all teenagers as troublemakers or those certainly contemplating trouble, adults in the community can make it their business to expect the best from them. Instead of ignoring or distrusting the young people who cross one's path and contributing to the gap between ...more

A surprising incident occurred at about 7 a.m. the morning of January 7, 2004. I was seated at our dining table in a sunroom, which offers a full view of the backyard and bird feeders. There is a simple bird feeder/shelter located near a stone wall about 15 feet from the sunroom. I had scattered birdseed, mostly sunflower seed, millet, and cracked corn, ...more

Setting up a play date for children can be a challenge. A phone call between parents can go like this: "Can Andrew come over next Tuesday?" ...more

"How were your holidays?" ...more

(Part 2 of 2) ...more

The dazzling spectacle of a temple performance — masked figures darting about under a moonlit sky. The shimmering sound of distant gongs. The intoxicating smell of frangipani blossoms. Soft, silken cloth. Pungent, spicy stew. ...more

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