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Friday, January 23, 2004


For the past nine months, my brother Mike McGarry, a reservist from upstate New York with a job, a wife, and four young kids, has been stationed with the 413 Quartermaster Battalion in Balad, Iraq. Lately he has been escorting convoys between Balad, in the midst of the Sunni Triangle, and Tikrit. Although we've been in touch intermittently by e-mail and letter, ...more

Have you ever given any thought to ladies' purses? I mean those handbags made of leather, cloth or even plastic that most of us women manage to drag around with us every place we go. These so-called purses are filled with most of our earthly belongings. Our makeup, house keys, pictures (enough to fill several albums) of our kids, pets, boats, houses, grandchildren, ...more

They call it caucusing. In schools and churches all across Iowa on Monday evening, safe from the biting cold outside, voters met to choose from a wide field of Democratic candidates hoping to challenge President George Bush this November. What made the 10 o'clock news, of course, was the surprising win by John Kerry over supposed front-runner Howard Dean, ...more

Quiz: What car won the Motor Trend 2004 Car of the Year Award? ...more

Name: Fisher (Martes pennanti) — a member of the Mustelidae or weasel family — also sometimes referred to as a fisher cat. ...more

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