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Friday, January 23, 2004


RecCom plans tennis courts, parking at Banta-Davis

The Carlisle Recreation Commission (RecCom) appeared informally before the Planning Board on January 12 with a draft of public bid documents prepared by the engineering firm of Stamski & McNary, which proposed an expansion of the parking and tennis courts at the Banta-Davis Fields. The Commission appeared at its own request and was seeking the input of the Board on the preliminary plans. The RecCom stated that it wanted to start building the project as soon as this summer. A final site plan review would still need to be filed with the Planning Board and Board of Selectmen, and approved, before it could be put out for public bid.

Stamski & McNary's plans called for the conversion of the elementary school tennis courts to basketball courts and the addition of low-density lights at the site, as well as the construction of four new tennis courts to be built next to the ballfields and a new paved parking lot adjacent to the roadway. The construction of the latter would require the removal of trees and stone as well as grading of the terrain, but still leave enough trees to screen the courts from the cemetery's expansion area.

The Board was quick to question the public safety issues raised by the proposed parking area, which included perpendicular parking spots that were positioned between two of the ballfields which are on opposite sides of the roadway. It pointed out that although the parking lot was conveniently located adjacent to the tennis courts, its location at the bottom of a hill and on a curve in the road could create a hazard to pedestrians crossing the road in this area between the ballfields. Backing out of the perpendicular spots could also cause a stop in the flow of traffic on the roadway. The Board suggested that the parking lot may need to be repositioned on the other side of the tennis courts, away from the ballfields. The RecCom was quick to point out that it had chosen this site for the parking because it was working with a very limited budget for this project, and this site called for limited excavation. Additionally, the Board stated that the plans also needed to address the issue of drainage and the runoff of water into the roadway that could be created from the paved parking lot.

The Board recommended that the Commission return to the Planning Board with another conceptual site plan before going to the Board of Selectmen for final approval.

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