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Friday, January 23, 2004


This Old House appears before BOH

Debra Hood from the TV series This Old House appeared at the Board of Health (BOH) meeting January 15 to discuss acquiring the property at 730 Concord Street. Hood said she wanted to understand the process of acquiring the property, from the BOH's view. While she had no plans to present, Hood said This Old House was thinking the house would have four bedrooms after remodeling.

The house with the big attached barn, located on the corner of South Street and Concord Streets, has a 1975 septic system which was designated for five bedrooms. The system passed Title 5 inspection in 2002 after a defective distribution box was replaced. BOH consulting engineer Rob Frado explained that in the past the board has allowed use of an existing septic system if the plans didn't increase the flow. If the bedroom count were increased, it would increase the flow to the septic system and require rebuilding the system to meet current code.

BOH administrator Linda Fantasia said that once the plans are submitted to the BOH office, she will send a letter to the building inspector, who okays the plans. It is not necessary for an applicant to appear before the BOH if the plans conform to bylaws.

Shorts from the BOH

252 Brook Street. The Board approved a conversion of the house at 252 Brook Street to a house plus an accessory apartment. The 16-room house, which has an eight-bedroom septic system, did not have any BOH issues but did require the BOH to sign off on the conversion for the building inspector.

Animal management discussion. BOH member Mike Holland reported that he is preparing an animal management document which will be discussed at a future meeting.

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