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Friday, January 23, 2004


Board of Health grants permit to Ferns Country Store

The Carlisle Board of Health (BOH) granted a food service permit to Ferns Country Store in the center of Carlisle for the remainder of 2004. No waivers were issued, although the permit excludes pizza service.

Last week Concord Health Inspector Mike Moore conducted an unannounced inspection of the premises, primarily to observe the food preparation operations. At the January 15 meeting, the board reviewed in detail each of the items cited by Moore with store owner Larry Bearfield and former store owner and current landlord Louis Daisy.

Food service

A number of improvements requested by the board at an earlier meeting had already been made, including:

Parts have been ordered to correct a temperature issue with one refrigerator.

The basement was cleaned and rearranged for dry food storage.

Going forward, Bearfield agreed to a number of additional recom-mendations, including:

A log will be kept recording refrigerator temperatures.

A grease trap in the sink used to clean dishes and utensils will be cleaned periodically. The frequency of cleaning will depend upon the amount of grease encountered in each cleaning. Bearfield plans to keep a log of the grease trap cleaning.

Future health inspections will be conducted by Moore at approximately six-month intervals.

Water and septic

Water and septic system issues were discussed with landlord Daisy. The BOH would like a baseline analysis on the water, which is potable but has a high sodium content. There is no MTBE found in the water system.

The septic system, which consists of a 2,500 gallon tank for normal use and a 5,000 gallon tank for overflow, has been pumped out. For the last four years the system had not been pumped due to a lack of communications between the pumper and the Daisys. However, the alarm system appears to be functioning and no problems were encountered. In the future the tanks will be pumped twice a year.

When the tanks were pumped on December 9, the flow was diverted to the overflow tank and the 2,500 gallon tank was pressure cleaned. The primary system is now back on line and BOH Consulting Engineer Rob Frado said he wants to wait a couple of weeks and then check the distribution box for any signs of trouble.

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