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Friday, January 23, 2004

Thanks for the stop sign

To the Editor:

Before any more time lapses, I must thank the Board of Selectmen for their role in placing a stop sign at the intersection of Brook and Maple. That stop sign has eliminated the primary driving hazard from my regular trips to the supermarket!

Anne Ketchen
Brook Street

New ice rink is appreciated

To the Editor:

I'd like to be among the first to offer my thanks publicly to the RecCom, the Kimball family, the Eagle Scout John Stone who provided the benches and everyone else responsible for Carlisle's new skating rink in the Kimball's Farm parking lot. Dropping by on three consecutive days during the recent long weekend, I found teenage boys practicing their hockey moves, first-grade girls twirling in slow circles, a preschooler on skates for the first time, being shepherded across the ice by his dad, and a toddler watching with great interest from the sidelines. What a wonderful addition to the already abundant opportunities for recreation in Carlisle. Best of all, my family can now counter the frequent ribbing we endure living next door to an ice cream stand with, "Now we live next door to a skating rink at least for a few months of the year." I would encourage anyone who is feeling "Lonelyville" during these long, cold winter days to grab a cup of coffee at Ferns and stop by for a spin on the ice.

Nancy Shohet West
Bedford Road

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