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Friday, January 16, 2004


Eco-expert reviews wastewater project

The Conservation Commission's agenda for January 8 included a continued hearing on the Town of Carlisle's Notice of Intent (NOI) to replace the Carlisle School's failed septic system. The application, which was first filed in September of 2003, calls for installation of a wastewater treatment facility on the school campus with a force main running along Church Street carrying the nearly clean effluent to a leaching field on the Banta-Davis Land.

At this meeting the commission chose to review the recommendations of EcoTech environmental scientist John Rockwood, who was retained in October as a peer reviewer to evaluate the project description, site plan and project narrative prepared by the school's wetland science consultant GZA EcoEnvironmental.

Rockwood's summary included the following major items:

1. The wetland resource area boundaries needed to be modified and extended to determine the extent of the Riverfront Area of Pages Brook including sections located within both Church Street and Spalding Field.

2. The site plans needed to be modified to show these new boundaries.

3. The force main should be relocated to reduce work in the Riverfront Area and in Spalding Field and to avoid work along the bank of Pages Brook.

4. An Alternative Analysis should be completed to prove that the project would result in fewer adverse effects to resource areas than would other possible project sites in town.

5. A Construction Sequence Plan should be prepared to identify possible problems and their remedies.

6. A Comprehensive De-watering Proposal is needed for removal of water from trenches particularly along Church Street which will be excavated to six feet in an area of saturated soils.

7. A Stormwater Operation and Maintenance Plan that meets Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) standards must address both construction and post-construction phases of the project.

8. A Comprehensive Erosion and Sedimentation Plan should include both sides of Church Street and susceptible areas within Banta-Davis Land.

Chair Tricia Smith observed that the commission's concern was not with the quality of the engineering but with the inadequacy of the project's documentation for local and state filings. She added that it was particularly important for the town to adhere meticulously to current filing standards. Without this information, she continued, it is not possible for the ConsCom to set appropriate conditions for the project.

Rockwood reported that school's engineers were currently working to implement the peer review recommendations and to date had completed action on at least three of them. A technical review of the project is scheduled for next week.

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