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Friday, January 9, 2004


CCHS electrical fire contained

The custodian on duty the day after Christmas discovered a small electrical fire by the lower gym at Concord-Carlisle High School. "It was a short circuit in the boiler room," Concord-Carlisle Principal Art Dulong explained on the phone. The custodian smelled something burning, he said, and found the fire in the boiler room's large electrical panel, which is located near the custodians' supply room. The fire, while smoky, caused little damage other than a temporary loss of electricity to the gyms and the kitchen. "The boiler room is steel and concrete," said Dulong, "so just the wires were damaged." A new electrical panel with circuit breakers was quickly installed. The repairs, which Dulong estimated were "just a few hundred dollars," were done by the school electrician, and checked by the Concord electrical inspector.

This is the second electrical fire the school has had this year, Dulong noted. Earlier in the year a small short circuit was caught by an art teacher, and quickly dealt with. "It was just sparks," added Dulong. He said the school is being inspected throughout to anticipate any weaknesses in the wiring.

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