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Friday, January 9, 2004


"ARE YOU OK?" saves local woman's life

ARE YOU OK? A daily telephone calling system, generated by the Carlisle Police Department, designed for elders who need to be checked on, saved the life of a Carlisle resident last month. After not answering the initial phone call, the system called back two more times. Then the police dispatcher sent a police officer to the home to do a well being check. Upon arrival, the officers gained entry after looking in the window and seeing the victim on the floor. The EMTs were notified and the patient was immediately transported to the hospital. If ARE YOU OK? were not in place, there is no way of knowing when the victim would have been discovered.

ARE YOU OK? is a free service sponsored by the Council on Aging and the Carlisle Police Department. It was funded though generous donations from the Friends of the Council on Aging and the Nichols Foundation and has been in place since September 2001.

If you wish to sign up, or would like to speak with someone about the program, call the COA office at 1-978-371-2895. There is a simple one-page form to fill out with a COA representative identifying next of kin, a friend or neighbor who may have a key, your doctor and any important information which you think the police may need to know in an emergency. This information will be held in confidence at the police station and will not be disclosed, except to the extent necessary to assist you.

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