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Friday, December 19, 2003


Serenity, simplicity and the longest timeout ever
One mother's attempt to create a perfect holiday

The idea seemed like a good one. "A simpler, more meaningful, less hectic holiday season" isn't that at the top of nearly everyone's Christmas list? Upon receiving the assignment to write an article on ways to imbue Christmas with more meaning and less commercialism, I put out a request in the Mosquito: "If you've found a way to do ...more

At times, it was exhausting just to watch the cast of 13 teenagers performing in Godspell last weekend at Concord-Carlisle High School. The students, four of them from Carlisle, all exuded what appeared to be boundless energy, enthusiasm and talent as they danced, sang and acted their ways through Stephen Schwartz's musical version of the gospel according ...more

Over the years the Town of Carlisle has been the beneficiary of three very generous, caring and thoughtful women, Mary A. Heald, Caroline E. Hill and Joanna Gleason. Each has established a fund for the town and it is appropriate in this season of giving that they receive recognition. ...more

When I left for Brisbane, Australia, on Thanksgiving, anticipation for Christmas had just begun. By the time I arrived, two days later, I was mystified as to whether Australian kids would be excited, too. When I stepped off my flight, I was struck by the intense heat a hot Christmas in this country! ...more

If you haven't noticed, take a look the next time your mail carrier stops for a delivery at your mailbox and you'll see a new official USPS vehicle out there on the road. Or better yet, pull into the Carlisle Post Office parking lot after hours and you will see four new trucks parked side by side. A recent ruling from the Postal Service requires each mail ...more

Name: Golden Eagle or Aquila chrysaetos. Aquila is Latin for eagle, and the Golden Eagle is the only North American member of this group of "true eagles." (The bald eagle is in a different group known as fish-eagles.) The species name is from the Greek, chrysus, meaning golden. Some of its less frequently used common ...more

Throughout the years people have remembered their loved ones in fascinating ways. Some traditions are today viewed as strange, but over a hundred years ago people remembered their deceased relatives by what became popular trends in Victorian life. One of the fashions of the 1800s was to take the hair of a deceased relative and wear it as jewelry. When we think ...more

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