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Friday, December 19, 2003


Auditors recommend fix for town's accounting system

On December 9 the Selectmen heard that town auditors, currently inspecting Carlisle's records, are finding that FY03 has as many problems as FY02 and that most of their earlier recommendations have not been met.

This came as no surprise to Town Administrator Madonna McKenzie. "There seem to be significant issues with the way the system is currently set up," she admitted. "It seems we currently have a mixed system between two types of accounting the one now recommended by the state (UMAS Uniform Mass. Accounting System) and the one that was used previously."

McKenzie went on to explain that once an entry is made into the mixed system, where it goes, nobody knows. The solution, to no one's surprise, involves money. The auditors are suggesting that for $7,500 they can help the town fix the system and train employees on how it works. "We need training on [software] for the General Ledger anyway," said McKenzie, "and this would set us up for UMAS and enable us to have accurate reports based on information that we know was posted correctly." The Selectmen agreed, and voted 4-0 to authorize the spending of $7,500 "to get us through this knothole."

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