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Friday, December 19, 2003


School outlines capital items, projects for FY05 and beyond

Carlisle School Business Manager Steve Moore told the Carlisle School Committee on December 3 that a list of capital expenditures for the next school year (FY05) has been sent to the Long- Term Capital Re-quirements Com-mittee. The com-mittee, chaired by Peter Chelton, is required by town bylaw to evaluate all capital requests so that there will be an "orderly acquisition and maintenance of the town's capital assets."

Capital requests

First on the list are five industrial dehumidifiers, at a cost of about $5,535, which could be rotated through the classrooms to prevent summer mold problems. Last summer the school spent $50,000 in mold-related repairs.

The school is also requesting $26,138 for the purchase of technology components, including 20 desktop computers, 1 Smart Board, 2 display devices and assorted computer and network peripherals. Moore explained that over 40% of the present school computers are not capable of operating on the school's network or accessing the Internet. He went on to say that every year more computers are lost through computer failure than can be purchased. The school hopes to have a working computer system that can access the Internet in every classroom. He added that the recommended cycle for the replacement of technology is every five years. Although the school has never had enough funds for this goal he hopes to accomplish a systematic plan for the school so that each classroom would eventually have up-to-date technology. The amount of $20,000 for the replacement of in-structional tech-nology has been requested in the school's long-term capital requirements plan.

Another urgent request is that the Kubota tractor be replaced by a heavy-duty pickup truck. The present Kubota tractor is 17 years old and required about $2,400 in maintenance last year. This vehicle is used for snow removal from the plaza area, ramps and walkways. Other uses for a vehicle of this nature include trips to the transfer station with trash and recyclables, transporting sand for the school grounds and gasoline for the mowers, hauling of school equipment and classroom supplies, and maintaining the campus grounds during the year. The cost of a truck with a plow would be approximately $33,000.

An additional $25,000 is being requested for the replacement of the dining room furniture. The current chairs are 17 years old, hard to clean, and are falling apart.

Capital projects listed for a future year are the replacement of the Corey Building roof, lighting upgrades and continued technology acquisition.

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