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Friday, December 19, 2003


Shorts from the Selectmen, Dec. 9

Bumping along West Street. DPW Superintendent Gary Davis, Police Chief Dave Galvin, Fire Chief Dave Flannery, and Town Administrator Madonna McKenzie went for a ride to the big city of Cambridge recently to view some speed bumps. All agreed that the humps and bumps do indeed slow traffic, and the ones they saw were quite attractive (brick). Flannery, however, still has some major concerns about the fire hoses, which can be dislodged and tangled as the fire truck catapults over the bumps. At this point, the jury is still out and West Street remains the best rapid shortcut between Concord and Westford.

New Radio System for Police. Lieutenant John Sullivan of the Carlisle Police and Dispatcher Mike Taplin attended the public hearing regarding the upgrade of the police radio system in specific locations around town to achieve proper coverage. Sullivan explained some of the difficulties of communicating between police units with their present antiquated radio system, sometimes even having to rely on neighboring towns to relay messages. The solution involves moving from VHF to UHF transmissions and the installation of a five-foot antenna on their existing fire tower behind headquarters on Lowell Street.

There were no objections from the audience and the Selectmen unani-mously supported the change, although no vote was required. Chair Tim Hult took the opportunity to thank the Police Department and DPW for their superlative efforts during the recent snow storm.

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