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Friday, December 19, 2003


Plans presented for Brook Street scenic roads violation

Property owner Scott Henderson appeared before the Planning Board on December 8 to continue the hearing on his removal of some stone walls and trees along the Brook Street scenic roadway to accommodate the construction of a septic system and concrete barrier wall on his property. Tony Delgaizo, of the engineering firm Raggs Inc., representing the owner, presented a detailed engineering plan of the roadway, the existing concrete barrier wall, and a proposed design to improve the safety and aesthetic issues resulting from the construction of the wall. Recognizing that the current steep slope of the wall made it difficult for pedestrians to pass in some places, Delgaizo's plans called for the construction of a three-foot-wide dirt shoulder next to the wall where the road rounds the corner, to create a flat pathway for pedestrians.

The board quickly pointed out that the shoulder did not continue the entire span of the wall, but terminated prior to the narrowest part of the road where the wall becomes very steep. The board also questioned what type of plantings would be used to prevent the dirt from eroding from the new slope onto the roadway. Henderson then set forth a landscaping proposal, which called for various plantings, such as ivy, mountain laurel, forsythia, azaleas, and junipers to limit the visibility of the concrete wall. The Board suggested that Henderson check with the Board of Health to determine if it is permissible to have these types of plantings on top of the septic system.

While not dissatisfied with Henderson's proposal, the Board requested that he receive an estimate to reface the wall with stone or some other similar material to make it fit in with the overall streetscape of Brook Street.

The hearing was continued until January 12, 2004.

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